Task Force IT, Task Force Managed Services

Task Force IT, Task Force Managed Services

Our task force · on a mission for twenty years · is at your disposal!


Security is the word that gives confidence.

Collaboration is what it takes to make it a great force together.

Skills are the ones that guarantee efficiency and that we put in play every day.

Our customers do not want to undergo change, but manage it, trying every day, to the best of their abilities, to create value.

Like us.


IT Task force, Managed Services Task force.


Great powers, great responsibilities.

We offer active support paths in the management of your network infrastructure.

In an era of Industry 4.0 it’s a real support for change.

How can we help your business?

The goal is to optimize the configuration of technologies allowing corporate staff to focus on business and on the most value-added activities.

The support dedicated to you that goes beyond control.

We’re here. With you on the front line.