Smart Service Control Manager


> unique control centre

The Software designed by our experts gives the opportunity to manage several Windows services through a single centralized console that


  • Builds a real-time updated overview of failures and about prevention tools status
  • Provides automatic service control services directly through the console without requiring direct intervention on the server
  • Allows you to perform easy operations solving any problems before involving specialized technical IT resources
  • Delegates Windows service management to non-technical personnel (administrative tasks) reducing management time and risks

Time management and intervention risks optimisation

Autonomy in control and resolution of first-level issues

> custom automation

Smart Service Control Manager enables direct autonomy in the management of anomalies with a low-resolution degree and allows you to save time in some requests where special technical skills are not required.
Like a technological remote control, it is designed on customer’s needs and planned to do easy operations and to manage some IT actions in an autopilot mode.

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