IT world is talking about sustainability

IT world is talking about sustainability

Since couple of years now, we have been undertaking initiatives in favour of sustainability in the economic-management, environmental and social spheres, according to the holistic vision of the 2030 ONU Agenda.

The motivation that drives us to pay more attention to the environmental and social impacts generated by our business is not only to increase productivity, but is above all in order to help creating value in the market and in the community over time, in the long run.

Several studies on the “green economy” show that companies in industry and services that have invested in sustainability have experienced a marked improvement in performance: they have increased turnover, they are innovative and therefore competitive and dynamic, they improve the quality of employment, they are cohesive at the territorial level.
This is therefore an important challenge for the company, a path in the making, which gradually brings us closer to the perspective of the circular economy based on reducing consumption, the search for alternative products with less impact, the improvement of waste management, the increase in recycling and the expansion of the secondary material market.

We can now boast of the Plastic-free Certificate™By Sfridoo. A path we have taken to realize our contribution of environmental care and that has allowed us to save money by eliminating the purchase of single-use plastic bottles and cups and replacing them with reusable products. At the company’s end-of-year 2019 dinner, aluminium bottles were given to all staff and a water supply dispenser was installed at the company. In this way, waste has been reduced and as a result their management has been eased. Indirectly, we have contributed by a simple gesture to reduce CO2 emissions by renouncing to plastic supply.

Companies can make a substantial contribution to improving the environmental conditions of our planet by taking even these small actions. Small shrewdness that also involves the company staff who with awareness collaborates in turn spreading more and more the fundamental importance of participating in the protection of our world that will come.

Investing in sustainability is awareness of growth and responsibility.
Small, medium or large company; how can you become Plastic-warrior yourself?
Do you want to give value to your waste?
With the help of Sfridoo you will find the right solution to improve your business and our world.

Imagine the world that will come without plastic in our seas!
We’re already doing it.