Cyber Story flashback. Once upon a time… the internet!

Cyber Story flashback. Once upon a time… the internet!

Once upon a time … the internet!

The network is one of those tools that allows us to respond in a few seconds to any curiosity, request, command.
The idea of connecting different computers was born for military purposes during the Cold War, when the Americans decided to invent a way to communicate without being intercepted by the Russian military.
His name is Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network); a network of computers capable of ensuring a secure and fast sharing of data and information, even in the event of a conflict.

The first email.

The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, one of Arpanet’s programmers; users of the giant computers could write messages, but not send them to each other. Simply, they left them in the memory of the machine in order to give the recipient a way to read them and so on.
Arpanet was used to transmit them from one node to another of the network – then made up of computers located in different US universities – and Ray Tomlinson decided to use the symbol @ to divide the recipient’s name from the machine name.

The first webpage.

With the introduction of personal computers and technological evolution, the World Wide Web was born in the early 1990s.

The network that becomes so world-class and the result of the work of researchers at CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) and in particular Tim Berners-Lee who on 6 August 1991 created the first web page in the world and which was then made public outside of CERN on 23 August of the same year. It was a page that listed a decalogue of instructions concerning a hypertext that can be navigated to the network thanks to the resources stored on computers and servers.