Cyber in pills. F.T.P. summer edition.

Cyber in pills. F.T.P. summer edition.

Here we are, finally. It’s time for a definitely well-deserved vacation.
All ready to go and leave the experience of lockdown behind: swimsuit, slippers, tablets, PCs, smartphone chargers…
Yes, the smartphone! Faithful and inseparable friend at work, as well as in our private life, to which over the years we have entrusted a little of everything;
from photographs of the most beautiful memories to the current account data.
For this reason, we at F.T.P. want to leave you with five simple cyber security pills (+ 1) to spend a safer holiday (but not only that):

· Avoid the use of open WiFi networks: often these types of networks are built ad-hoc or exploited by hackers in an attempt to steal your credentials

· Your location is important: don’t post your photos on holiday while you’re still away! The life of an apartment thief definitely becomes easier if he is certain of your absence

· Use a Lock-RFID case to protect your contactless credit cards; an attacker can have access to a counterfeit POS and repeatedly subtract 25 euros from your account without your authorizing the operation

· Be wary of public computers to check your email or bank account! If necessary, launch your browser in UNKNOWN/PRIVATE mode to prevent your data from being stored within the cache or cookies. In any case, it is good to always delete all browsing data once you have completed the operations

· If you’re connected to the Hotel’s WiFi network, use a VPN connection if possible to protect your browsing from prying eyes

Last, but not least:
· Update your passwords! A recent report showed that even today, the most commonly used passwords are “password”, “123456”, “123456789”.

These small steps will undoubtedly make your holiday safer, and why not, your daily life.

The entire F.T.P. team wishes you Happy Holidays!
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