Are you ready to handle a cyberattack?

Are you ready to handle a cyberattack?

Thursday 2 July in Webinar mode, thanks to the collaboration of CNA Pesaro and Urbino, and with the patronage of the Confidi Uni.Co. and the Chamber of Commerce of Marche we will focus on “Cyber security tailored to Companies and Professionals” that aims to raise awareness of managers and entrepreneurs of every sector on the topical topic of risks related to cyberattacks and the multiple consequences on the business.

We will provide our cybersecurity experts, know-how, and 20-year experience in the IT industry to inform about cyber threats and subsequent disruptions in the era of Industry 4.0.

We live in an increasingly complex and connected world. Technologies improve, markets change, attacks are increasingly sophisticated and continue to evolve at a rapid pace, augmenting exponentially and taking advantage of any historical context and emergency situations such as the covid scenario, putting more and more strain on the safety of our work.

What prevention techniques and tools can we use to prevent anomalies that target the IT infrastructure of companies and professionals, affecting their operations and productivity?

Let’s find out together on July 2nd at 4 p.m.

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